Amandine S'iita

Youth Empowerment & Life Coaching

Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient and trust the process

You were created to live a life with meaning and purpose. Your gift will make room for you. Manifest your gift and serve the world.

I will help you with fully express yourself, express your natural gifts and save you precious time by doing what you’re made for. 

Let's Rewrite your Story Together

You cannot live an extraordinary life by doing what ordinary people do!

Change happens with all those small decisions that you make every day.

Believe in Yourself  

Invest In Yourself

Choose to have a winning attitude and force your mind to see the positive opportunity in every experience, negative or positive.


You owe it to yourself to become everything you have ever dreaming of being.

I can help you with

Leadership Development

Leadership is an Attitude

Self Improvement

Manifest your Gifts 

Goals Achievement 

Your Dreams are calling you

Positivity & Happiness

Start your day Positively 

Relationship &


Your Energy Speak Volumes

 Life's Purpose

Unlock your Life's Purpose

Rewrite Your Story with Amandine S'iita

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