Being Different Is A Blessing Not A Curse!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Inspired by Steven Furtick, Les Brown

Having a Dream makes you different. 

A dream will make you different; it will give you a different set of values, a different way of thinking, a different way of speaking, a different attitude. It takes courage to be different. You have to have the courage to wear your coat your difference and not afraid to show up in the room looking different. You have to wear your coat even if people criticize you for it. You have to understand that everybody’s acceptance is not a blessing. Sometimes mentality doesn’t allow you to step out and take a risk.

Nothing is worthwhile unless if you take risks, it takes courage to pursue your dream — D. Washington

When you’re set apart for a purpose; it makes you different…And the problem with being different is that people accept what is the same and reject what is different, at first, but they eventually respect what is different. People finally come around and respect what stands out. 

But what happens to most of us is that the moment we start to realize the differences between other people and us, we downplay our distinctive to fit in and conform with culture. 

Don’t downplay what makes you different.

Some people dumbing down themselves because being different is too painful. You have to be careful to don’t conform to the patterns of this world.

Dream big. Do not play small. Don’t lower your potentials, your talents to allow people being comfortable. Instead, let them rise up to your level in order to be around you. Because If you keep to be normal and fit in with everybody else, you will end up by neutralize your uniqueness and be mediocre.

It doesn’t matter if people are intimidated by you. You are different. You are a Leader. People don’t know how to react or how to accept people who don’t follow the crowd. They do not know how to behave with someone who expresses his uniqueness, so they will try to make you feel like you are weird or arrogant.

Look at your surroundings and observe the people around you. How do you make people feel? If they’re uncomfortable, if you’re not on the same page, if they think you’re crazy to dream big or if you are the smartest one in the group, it’s time to leave the group. It’s time to level up and find a new group of friends, a new workspace, a new environment.

The level you will settle on is the level that you see yourself — Steven Furtick

Our environment, our society, and our school system are designed to condition people to limit their Gift.

We currently live in a system that is against us. This system won’t allow you to make a difference or let you fulfill your dreams, use your gift and express your inner talents… Why? Because they’re afraid of your potential, they’re afraid of your ability to spark people’s brains; they’re afraid of your awareness, afraid of your determination to seek the truth and afraid of your purpose to change the world, change the corrupt system that we live in today.

Instead, they trained us to limit ourself, limit our gift and never become a leader. We have been damaged by our educational systems and conditional us that we are here on earth to work in a place we hate, pay our bills, retired and died. 

Whatever you destined to become God has prepared you with it, to fulfill a function in this earth. And the issue right now it’s that you still suck to looking for a job that is not for you, you are lost and you came here because you are ready to use your gift that God gave you and fulfill your function on earth — Dr. Myles Munroe

Why people go to a job where they are miserable day in and day out? Why do people stay together and they are miserable sleeping in separate rooms or arguing, the only thing they have in common paying the bills? It’s because it’s familiar. It’s scary taking a chance, acting on your intuition on your guts; it’s scary to go against the dominant thinking of your family, friends, and those people you associate with every day…It is perhaps the most challenging act of courage you will ever perform.

Don’t go through life feeling like you’re powerless victims of people that are powerless; you are not powerless. You are powerful; you direct the power in your life whatever your life is right now; it’s the result of how you have decided to use your power. Remember, your difference is your blessing, not a curse, use it.

I didn’t come through all of that just to fit in with normally. I have the courage to go after my dream — TD. Jakes

You can allow people to destroy you or you can allow it to build you up

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you have or what you have done. Life’s about growing, being productive; it’s about stretching, about challenging yourself, so start looking around and decide to improve your skills, knowledge, health, relationship, income.

As Les Brown said, in life, you can go through life and come up with reason and excuses or you can come up with results and achievements. The choice is in your hands, satisfaction or despair we can choose!

Challenge your fears and take them on. Don’t allow them to rule you; decide to take some chances; you have got to be willing to risk. Only a person who risks is free.

Sometimes it’s the people closers to you they won’t believe you. And I want you to understand why… They’re to close to you to see your greatness. They’re familiar with you, they normalize you, normalize your gift, your vision, your greatness. And the mistake that a lot of people make is to go seek their validation, their agreement. - Trent Shelton

You were not created just to make a living and pay bills you were created to express your Gift, your talent, and make the difference somewhere. Have the courage to go after your dream, and fulfill your purpose. 

Express yourself, make a difference in other people’s lives and become so good in an area that they can’t ignore you!

To your personal growth…

Amandine S’iita

Spiritual & Motivational Life Coach.

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